Friends, please note the following info when making an appointment:

  • The appointment calendar allow sfor FOUR APPOINTMENTS per hour, in increments of 15 minutes each.
  • Please check your email spam folder for the email confirmation of your appointment. This is presently the only way to cancel your appointment!
  • Appointments may only be scheduled one month in advance.
  • Please read, or re-read, as the case may be, the process for scheduling appointments, as there have been some changes.
  • Payments are strongly urged to be made via PayPal at time of appointment booking. This is included in the appointment process. For thise few without a PayPal account, I will accept payment in cash or check, only, at the time of your appointment.

A New Beginning

I’m back, rested and refreshed, and seeing patients again in two new locations – Morningside and Woodstock.

Along with the new locations, there are some big changes on how I’ll operate.


  • APPOINTMENTS WILL BE REQUIRED. I will no longer operate on a walk-in, first come basis.
  • There will be FOUR AVAILABLE APPOINTMENTS PER HOUR, per the schedule. I will NOT have five tables as I did at the old office.
  • ALL APPOINTMENTS MUST BE MADE ONLINE by you via the appointment calendar on this site. Here are the instructions showing you how easy it is to make an appointment and a link to the appointment calendar. Please do not call me for an appointment. I cannot make them for you manually.
  • PAYMENT is required at time when you make appointment and can be made online via credit card or PayPal. There’s a link when you make your appointment using the Appointment Calendar.
  • CANCELLATIONS are required and are your responsibility via the Appointment Calendar. Please do not call me direct for cancellations, as I am unable to do them manually.
  • CANCELLATIONS must be made 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.
  • RESCHEDULE: You may reschedule your appointment by clicking on it in the Appointment Calendar and selecting that option.
  • NO-SHOWS will be charged the regular fee for an appointment.


  • My MORNINGSIDE OFFICE will be open TUESDAY and SATURDAY, from 8am-noon and 1pm-4pm. This is a shared office with a therapist. Please have a seat in the waiting area until I call you in for your adjustment.
  • I will have a second office in WOODSTOCK. This office will be open on THURSDAY ONLY from 7am to 12 noon.
  • Addresses and maps on my new office locations are here.


  • Regular chiropractic adjustment: $40 per visit.
  • Online payment is required at time of appointment. I can now take credit cards or cash through PayPal payments.


  • No Auto Accident adjustments/treatments.
  • No Personal Injury adjustments/treatments.


Currently, the only way to cancel or reschedule your appointment is through the confirmation email that you’ll receive 24 hours prior to you appointment. Look for the cancel or reschedule link in the confirmation email, click it and follow directions.


Statement of Purpose

Please read carefully. You’ll be asked to “Agree” when you schedule an appointment.

The purpose of this statement is to explain what I do and do not do in my practice.

  • The founding principle of Chiropractic is that the adjustment creates favorable effects in the body, especially the nervous system. 
  • I do not discourage seeking medical intervention.
  • I do not sell supplements or therapy.


  • I will discuss diet, excercise, rest, meditation as important forms of self care.
  • I do not work with third party payment providers. My relationship is with you, not someone who decides what we can and cannot do. If you wish to have a Chiropractor who accepts that arrangement with you I will give you a referral.
  • I want to do the very best job I can in my practice, so I am very interested in any comments, concerns, complaints you may have. Please fell free to share your thoughts.
bob dalton chiropractor

Dr. Bob Dalton, DC

Dr. Bob has generated a large and loyal following during his more than two decades at Highland Chiropractic in Atlanta’s Morningside – Virginia Highlands neighborhood. Now, after a period of rest, travel and rejuvenation, he has opened a new office in Atlanta’s Morningside neighborhood, close to the former Highlands Chiropractic office, and a second one in suburban Woodstock, GA.

Dr. Bob Dalton grew up in Pennsylvania and, after a stint in the US Navy as a crewman aboard a nuclear submarine, he attended Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, IA. Dr. Bob practiced in Georgia, then moved to North Carolina, then back to Georgia where he launched Highland Chiropractic in 1992.

Dr. Bob takes a holistic approach, believing that diet, exercise, rest, meditation are important elements in the self care equation.



Locations & Hours

Morningside Location

1417 Dutch Valley PLACE. Suite 2

Atlanta, GA 30324

Dutch Valley PLACE is the FIRST RIGHT off of Dutch Valley ROAD

Hours:  Tuesday and Saturday 8am-12noon and 1pm – 4pm. By appointment. In office of Matt Reynolds, LFMT.

Map and Directions

Woodstock Location

330 Chambers Street

Woodstock, GA 30188

Located in Embers Yoga

Hours: Thursday 7am to 11am for Chiropractic, 12noon to 3pm for Cranial Sacro only. By Appointment.

Map and Directions


Each patient, returning or new, will now need an appointment. This is due to the smaller physical spaces and new weekly schedule. I will no longer be able to accommodate walk-ins, as in the past.

Each patient is responsible for making their own appointment using the online scheduling calendar on this site. You’ll find instructions on how to schedule your appointment here.

You may reschedule or cancel appointments. Patients are also responsible for cancelling appointments 24 hours in advance if they can’t make it. Please be courteous and allow someone else to use the time by cancelling if you know you will be unable to make your appointment. Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged the regular fee. To reschedule or cancel your appointment, go to the Appointment Calendar, find and click on your appointment. When the Appontment Info screen appears, look for the reschedule or cancel options in the Client Info section under your name.


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